Air Freshener Systems

Aircare systems keep washrooms and toilets smelling fresh. With controlled dosing of air freshener fragrances, these are great for ensuring public washroom maintain their fresh, clean smell during the day. Customers want to be assured the toilet is clean and one way to demonstrate this is by choosing a commercial air freshener with a fragrance to match your business style. Our range of air freshening dispensing systems includes ones with fresh, outdoor fragrances, traditional floral as well as popular smells that customers will enjoy! Our commercial air freshening products automatically dispense the fragrance chosen, which helps to neutralise malodours, and some include advanced anti-microbial solutions which incorporate odour neutralising technology with great fragrances. For automatic delivery of air fresheners browse the range and choose an aircare system that’s right for your business.  Our auto dosing aircare systems are extremely popular with bars, restaurants, hotels and office.

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