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Cleaning Supplies UK & the Pattersons Group are members of the largest independent network of janitorial supply companies in the UK. Part of the Jangro Network Limited group we supply Jangro cleaning products every day to thousands of business between Lancashire to Devon. Our branch network in Bristol, Devon, Lancashire and The Midlands means our customers in these areas can benefit from the Jangro brand to clean and maintain their premises.

With an extensive product portfolio the Jangro range of 4000 products suit every environment and cleaning task. Jangro covers a wide variety of cleaning categories from cleaning products for catering to washroom hygiene, cleaning products for floorcare as well as an extensive range of cleaning equipment. The Jangro cleaning range compliments Cleaning Supplies UK’s extensive cleaning and janitorial range to bring professional cleaning products to the UK market.

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Jangro products are split into four distinct ranges, Premium, Professional, Enviro and Contract, to suit every budget and preference.

Jangro Premium Range

Tackles the most demanding of jobs, when quality and performance are everything. A range of cleaning products designed for professional use. Look for the Jangro Premium badge on every cleaner. Shop the Jangro Premium range.

Jangro Professional Range

Cleaning Supplies UK’s top selling brand of high calibre cleaning products that are widely used by companies across the UK for a variety of cleaning jobs. The extensive Jangro range includes cleaning products for every area. Shop the Jangro Professional Range.

Jangro Enviro Range

This specially formulated range of eco-friendly cleaning products by Jangro is and packaged to have minimal impact on the environment. Cleaning Supplies UK actively encourages their customers to try and choose eco-friendly cleaning chemicals as we are committed to being as environmentally friendly as possible and encouraging sustainable cleaning practises. Shop the Jangro Enviro Range.

Jangro Contract Range

These cleaning products deliver a high standard of results for every day cleaning and for contract cleaners on a budget are a great choice. Shop the Jangro Contract range.

Cleaning Supplies Are More Than Just Stockists Of Jangro Cleaning Products

Cleaning Supplies UK has a team of cleaning experts here on hand to offer impartial advice and guidance. That’s why universities, councils, contract cleaners and hospitality groups trust us to provide their cleaning equipment and supplies. From technical backup to advise regarding controlling costs, the proper techniques for using cleaning chemicals and COSHH and CHIP information, Cleaning Supplies UK are a partner with our customers helping them to manage their cleaning within budget to get the best results, safely. Work with us to reduce your costs, control costs in use and to ensure you are following legislation and law. Contact our team of cleaning product experts to see how we can start helping your business. Call 0117 934 1270 or email the cleaning the team at [email protected]

The Jangro Learning Management Solution (LMS)

The award winning Jangro Learning Management Solution (LMS) allows you to train your cleaning team on the go. Designed to ensure your cleaning team is fully trained to all the required standards, there are over 10 cleaning & hygiene courses ranging from Floor Care, Kitchen Hygiene, Manual Handling and COSHH which can be accessed electronically. Speak to the Cleaning Supplies UK team today and let’s get your team Jangro trained! Not only will they be safer when using cleaning products and equipment, the training will result in better cleaning results for you. And if you are a contract cleaner managing a team of cleaners you’ll keep your clients happier. From as little as 99p you can train your team and start benefitting immediately. Find out more about thsi award winning cleaning training solution and talk to our commercial cleaning product experts on 0117 934 1270 or email the cleaning the team at [email protected].

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